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Mark Myrowich

BComm (Hons), CPESC, CISEC

Devoted to green and sustainable business models, Mark Myrowich is the owner and CEO of (ECB). He started in the erosion control business in 1995 by forming Mid Canada Hydroseeding (MCH). In 1999, MCH received the Environmental Leader Award from the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association. In 2001, after selling his successful installation business, he started ECB in his hometown of Riverton, Manitoba, Canada and is now one of the largest employers in his community.

In 1998, Mark co-founded the Northern Plains Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association and is currently its Treasurer. Mark has also been a Directing Member of the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) since 2002 and travels Canada and the US promoting erosion control products and educating for the industry. He received his Certified Professional Designation in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) in 2002 and became a Certified Inspector in Sediment and Erosion Control in 2012 (CISEC).

Mark firmly believes in innovation as the key to success, he uses technology to foster innovation and is a strong believer in Biomimicry as a resource for reclamation.

Lauren Alaniz

Director of sales – Western and Southern Regional Manager

Lauren Alaniz grew up as the third generation in a family of construction contractors in New Braunfels, TX. She started in the erosion control industry in 2005 working for a local Texas distributor, and in 2012 she became the field sales representative for south Texas. During that time Lauren was successful at promoting erosion control products, setting up and managing a distribution network, and led the state in engineering presentations among her peers. After growing her territory significantly, Lauren decided to accept a new opportunity at ECB in 2015 and now works to expand their Western and Southern US regions.

Lauren received her Bachelor’s from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Cultural Anthropology, which means that it makes perfect sense she now works in erosion control. Luckily for Lauren, erosion control turned out to be a field she truly enjoys and one she finds eternally interesting.

Lauren lives by the idea that the real fun in life is that there is always more to learn.

Jim Goodsell

Sales Manager – Canada and Mid-Western

Jim Goodsell is the Canadian and Mid-Western Sales Manager with ECBVedyol. He started in the geotextile and erosion control industry in 2007 working for a Canadian based international distributor. In 2017 Jim decided to move from distribution to the manufacturing side of the industry by accepting an opportunity to join the ECBVedyol team.  With experience and education in supply chain, management, and sales Jim brings a diverse background to not only the team but to our customers as well. Jim has wide ranging product experience in the industry, however his true passion is in promoting how erosion control and revegetation products can make a positive impact on the environment.

Growing up in Southern Alberta with time spent in Saskatoon, SK and Comex, BC Jim has first-hand experience on how different climates require different solutions. This first hand knowledge will serve him well in the diverse climates and geographic regions he now covers.

A tenant Jim lives by is the belief that true customer service is in providing solutions that allow all involved to grow, learn, and improve.

Alex Zimmerman

Technical Manager

Alex Zimmerman brings over 20 years of large scale construction experience to Erosion and Sediment Control training. From large disturbance, linear, and single family construction to restoration and emergency landslide repair, his experiences add to informative trainings on real world issues for construction site operators, inspectors, and designers.

Alex has been helping project teams succeed by planning for the productive and compliant completion of varied construction tasks.

Alex has been recognized by various associations and agencies for his professional course preparation and delivery. Developing custom trainings for audiences as varied as Alaska Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Transportation, Building Industry Association of Washington, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and cities in British Columbia, Alex stays up to date and informed on the latest regulations and compliance challenges. He was the 2009 recipient of the Educational Achievement award by the International Erosion Control Association. Course participants learn how to control costs, prevent erosion, protect water quality, and comply with permit requirements in a positive, proactive, profitable manner.

Roger Eyolfson

Logistic & Procurement Manger – Riverton, MB

Roger was raised in the Riverton area, on a mixed farm. Roger moved to Winnipeg where he attended Red RiverCommunity College, graduating with Business Accounting. He worked in Industrial Sales for several years and then joined the Day & Ross Transportation Group where he became the Provincial Manager for Saskatchewan. Based in Saskatoon for five years, Roger moved back to Manitoba in 1996 where he joined the sales team of Inland Pacific Distributor.

In 2000, Roger moved back to the family farm where he joined SS Johnson Seeds as Logistics Manager, after 4 years he joined Pro-Fab Group of Companies as Logistics Manager, where he worked until January 2015 when the company moved to Tennessee. He then decided to take the opportunity to work for ECB as the logistics and procurement manager.

Roger is always up to new challenges and looks forward to meeting them head on.


Chris Fredeen

QC Manager / Electronics Support Manager

Chris Fredeen previously worked at a company specializing in ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation of welds created during pipeline production and maintenance. His position was responsible for global technical support operations, product testing and quality, internal and external training programs. Chris also worked closely with manufacturing and research personnel,   to continually improve manufacturing processes and product quality/reliability.  Chris was fortunate to have the opportunity in his work to travel to various corners of the globe and interact directly with clients to meet their needs in training, support, and product development. 

At ECB, Chris hopes to apply his knowledge and experience to increase and maintain product quality. He also aims to further develop and implement the Quality Management System which lines up with standards organizations such as the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP).