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Soil & Organics

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Topsoil is made up of all sorts of organisms, bacteria, seeds, fungus and more depending on where in the world it is found. But no matter where you take soil from there are four main components; air, water, minerals and organic matter. It is with these materials in mind that we made the Biotic Earth Line of Hydraulic Growth Mediums.

Despite what some people may think topsoil is not formed overnight. While it can take extensive amounts of time, in some cases up to 100 years for an inch of top soil to develop the HGM line of products provide the building blocks to expedite this process.

“The straw and peat-based hydro mulch has worked very well for us. Grass was growing within the first season of its use, and within the second season birdsfoot trefoil was blooming.”

~ Réjean Gagnon, Senior Adviser of Environmental Projects – Hydro Quebec

It is created by decaying plant material mixed in the mineral environment that is then processed by the bacteria and organisms, which call this layer their home. Over time the soil becomes more fertile as more and more organic material is recycled through the microenvironment.

When we begin to construct on land we end up stripping away or degrading this top layer. Then we have to spend large sums of money to replace it or deal without it.. The Biotic Earth Line uses Peat Moss, a known growth medium as the base organic material to help improve the subsoil. Although Peat Moss is environmentally mined in Canada it is strip mined from Peat bogs that have developed over thousands of years and reclaimed before depletion. This rich, stable organic material is the ideal medium to add. Greenhouses use Peat Moss because it is the perfect foundation to build upon as it is weed free, extremely versatile and lasts up to 8 years compare to less than one year for Compost.

Organics hold moisture and nutrients better than mineral material so its role in soil health is to hold those nutrients so they can be transferred to the roots of the plants. This is done symbiotically and enhanced with the addition of Mycorrhizal (MY-CROW RISE – AL) fungi which works directly with the plants. Growth stimulants and micronutrients are also added to help boost initial germination and kick start the bacterial activity by providing additional nutrients and creating a place for the beneficial bacterial to flourish.

Not all soil is the same but plants have long adapted to changes and extreme condition so over time they will reclaim most types of soil in the correct pH range as long as it’s not contaminated with harmful materials. As society continues to grow and build, topsoil will be a more precious resource that will constantly be moved and degraded and it is our collective responsibility to minimize this loss and prevent erosion. Verdyol’s Biotic Line of Hydraulic Growth Mediums will continue to help to improve our soil for more efficient and effective vegetation growth and erosion control.