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Reduce Client Risks

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Reducing your clients’ risk is your job. To do this you need to get a site into compliance in the shortest time possible by establishing strong long-term vegetation.

What will be the health of your soil after your project is completed? If you don’t know, don’t worry, most people can’t answer that. But most will agree that it will likely be poor, compacted and far from ideal for long-term vegetation establishment.

Usually imported topsoil is brought in or the subsoil is seeded and then everyone sits back and waits for it to grow.

In the later circumstance it’s often tempting to use longer lasting and stronger erosion control material because it’s known that it will take longer for the vegetation to establish and this solution is thought to mitigate the risk.

The development team at Verdyol realized this wasn’t really a solution. They sought a way to improve the subsoil with essential building components found in topsoil to amend the material found on site while also preventing erosion at the same time.

“Mark, I have been using your product since we met at the show in Calgary a few years ago. I love it and use all the time. …there is nothing else like it. For jobs where I use it to replace soil, it’s very cost effective and an easy sell. I try to use it on almost all of my hydroseeding jobs because the results are so good. I have developed an entire niche service around it that no one else does. My new unit works with it flawlessly. Keep up the good work.”

~ Pierce Achtymichuk, Purewest Environmental Solutions Inc

This was a better solution then using longer lasting products to cover up poor soil. So we partnered with North America’s leading master gardener supplier of growing technology to greenhouses worldwide. The team set out to create a scientifically formulated growth medium that provided erosion control with organics and amendments so vegetation could thrive even in tough conditions.

Three specialized formulas were developed and have been tested for the past several years on the various sites including the multi billion dollar Hydro Quebec James Bay project in Northern Quebec and Milner Ridge in Manitoba. The products and the case studies can be found here on our website. So to review….risk is reduced the quickest when you can establish permanent vegetation quickly and get the project signed off. To achieve these results you should use an erosion control product that will prevent erosion while it also improves your top soil thus reducing your risk of poor vegetation establishment.