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How To Spec

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The Biotic line combines both erosion control and growth medium technology into one product. The three types of Biotic Earth hydraulic growth mediums are designed for different needs and applications.

The first thing you need to do is a soil test to determine the organic content of your site. If the organic content is over 4% then you have a soil that has a reasonable amount of organic content and the addition of more organic although beneficial may not be critical. In that situation you would consider Verdyol HydroGold, a 100% straw based hydraulic mulch. But if you wanted to hedge your bets and still add the biotic component to the soil then you would specify Verydol Biotic Earth HGM, this 70% straw and 30% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss combination gives you effective erosion control on slopes up to 3:1 if applied at 2000 plus pounds per acre or 2400kg/hectare. Verdyol Biotic Earth HGM was used on the Hydro Quebec project.

“Our expectations with the finished product have been far exceeded. Vegetation growth was rapid and consistent across the entire area.”

~ Harry Schreder, Project Manager, P.Eng. LEED AP

In situations where all you have left is subsoil to deal with and your soil test show less that 4% organic content you should specify Verdyol’s Biotic Earth Black. A blend of 60% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, 40% straw fiber with flexible flax fibers, Mycorrhizal fungi, Tricontonal (Tri Cont Ton All) growth stimulant and micronutrients to feed the growing bacterial community this combination has been scientifically formulated by the team at Verdyol Plant Research and a world leading peat moss provider.

This powerful biotic is great on slopes less than 4:1. On steeper applications you can apply the Verdyol HydroGold with Tack or on extreme slopes of 2:1 or greater the Verdyol Biotic Earth Bonded Fiber Matrix or erosion control blankets. Biotic Earth Black is an organic nutrient infusion made to kick start the natural topsoil creation process. True top soil takes a long time to develop and this product speeds up the process with the help of peat moss, stimulants and nutrients.

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss has been used for years world wide by professionals in the greenhouse industry. Verdyol’s Biotic Earth Growth Medium allows for a very even and precise application over a large area. This growth medium should not be lumped into the same category as hydraulic mulch as this is more than mulch. This helps improve your soil long term.

Feel free to down load utilize our Hydraulic Growth Medium specification found on the Downloads page to ensure you are getting the right hydraulic product for your site.

Still not convinced? Want to see projects completed with Verdyol’s Biotic Earth Products? We have many projects currently working in North America which we monitor on a consistent basis.

Have a project that would be perfect for one of the Biotic Earth products, but you want more information and advice? Fill out the informational form below and one of our product specialists will get in touch to help you determine which Biotic Earth product is best for your situation.

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