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How It Works

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Like traditional hydraulic mulches, Verdyol’s Biotic Earth line of hydraulic growth mediums prevents erosion through its mechanically and thermally processed wheat straw and flexible flax fibers. The combination of these two fibers provides an all natural fiber reinforcement matrix which resists erosive forces found on most slopes and construction projects.

The components in the Biotic Earth line are Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, plant based organic soil enhancers and growth stimulants. Alfalfa meal is added to Biotic Earth Black and BFM to helps recondition poor soil, degrade hydrocarbons, reduce sodium.

“Our expectations with the finished product have been far exceeded. Vegetation growth was rapid and consistent across the entire area.”

~ Harry Schreder, Project Manager, P.Eng. LEED AP

A beneficial fungus called Mycorrhizea and micronutrients further help to improve the soils health. The base components of soil are air, water, organics and minerals such as clays, sands or loams silt.

The micro and macro pores are very important for air and water to be able to travel freely through the soil structure. During construction activities we lose the organic material and the micro and macro  pores in the soil. This is where Biotic Earth Growth Mediums come into play by replacing lost organics and over time the HGM will provide the necessary organic and biological binders for improved soil  aggregate formation and therefore provide for better chance of improve pore space in the soil. Helping to create pores space. The “A horizon” or “topsoillense” of the soil is where the majority of microbial activity and germination occurs. By simply spraying a thin layer of  hydraulic growth medium vegetation can establish in this lense layer and root into the subsoil for additional moisture.

The world didn’t start off one day with topsoil. It took centuries of decaying plant matter to develop.  Verdyol Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth Mediums kick start the process and add the first layer of organic material and growth stimulants. We do not claim to create a topsoil or be a replacement for using existing topsoil. We simply expedite the vegetative process by improving  the soil for long term use by adding the missing organics while preventing erosion at the same time.

Since there are varied climates, rainfall and soil types it is important for you to complete a soil test to establish the pH, as well as organic and nutrient requirements so if an area specific amendment if needed you can specify that and the contractor can add it to the growth medium.