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EarthBound® is a registered trademark of Terra Novo, Inc.

EarthBound® Scientific Soil Stabilizer & Tackifier shall be specifically engineered and formulated to provide enhanced binding of Verdyol Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth Mediums and for highly active soil building and soil stabilization for moderate to extreme slope gradients and extremely erosive conditions.
EarthBound® Scientific is formulated from both long chain and cross-linking molecules in conjunction with a hydrocolloid vegetable gum based tackifier to provide the highest level of aggregate formation, soil structure stabilization, improve soil pore space, water infiltration, and to adhere Biotic Earth HGMs to the soil surface.

EarthBound® Scientific can be applied in almost all environmental conditions including light rain without any requirement for a cure time prior to subsequent rain.

EarthBound® Scientific is a powder that shall be prepackaged in easy to use, clear, resealable plastic containers with quick pour spouts. Each container shall have clear markings on the side for easy field measurement.

Please download the Verdyol Plant Research Application Rate Chart and Installation Instructions for mixing and quantities in our DOWNLOADS centre.

15 lb. (6.4 Kg)/Plastic Container
2 – Containers/Carton
48 – Cartons/Pallet

“I like this product for three reasons:
1. The packaging is second to none and I get more on top my truck than any other product.
2. It flows nicely through my hydroseeder and I get 30% more in a tank which means more productivity for my crew.
3. I find that I get better vegetation growing under wheat straw than wood or paper fiber and that is important in my industry.”

~ National Hydroseeding’s owner – Ed Lange