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Ver-Tack Scientific

Guar-based Hydroseeding Tackifier

Ver-Tack is a proven tackifier with many years of successful application and is designed to provide a low cost, short-term solution for hydro-seeding and soil stabilization applications. Ver-Tack is manufactured from 100% plant-based ingredients, making it ideal for wildlife habitats and waterway applications.

Ver-Tack shows excellent performance in binding seed and fibre particles to the soil, preventing losses to wind, water and sloped terrain. Additionally, the use of Ver-Tack improves the performance of the hydro-seeding application by uniformly applying seed/fibre mixture, while holding it effectively in place. Ver-Tack will also aid the soil and mulch in retaining the moisture vital to seed germination. Ver-Tack easily re-wets without losing performance, allowing the mulch and soil to capture rainfall when it occurs.

Ver-Tack is designed to provide easy mixing in a wide variety of circumstances. For optimal mixing, fill the tank with water to the bottom of agitator. Start the agitator at full RPM and add Ver-Tack while continuing to add water to the tank. Add seed, fibre mulch, and fertilizer as required. Ver-Tack has the ability to hydrate quickly providing excellent water absorption and retention. Depending on the grade of slope, wind conditions and moisture, it can be added at various rates. This non- toxic product is not susceptible to corrosion, enabling for easy clean-up.

Please download the Ver-Tack Scientific Sheet and Ver-Tack Safety Data Sheet in our DOWNLOADS centre.

Physical Properties

AppearanceGrey Powder
CompositionGuar-based bio-polymer blend
Packaging4-5 gallon pale