Case Studies

Verdyol Biotic Earth™ is the original Biotic Soil Amendment and it proudly holds the longest successful track record in the industry.  


Our case studies demonstrate that Verdyol Biotic Earth™ results in successful revegetation that provides long-term erosion control and soil stability on any site. 

Nevis, Minnesota

Revegetation and stabilization of a steep, sandy slope in extremely dry conditions.

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Vegetation establishment on arid lands with triple-digit temperatures and average rainfall slight.

Mercedes, Texas

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Severe slope, where topsoil presented safety concerns, was stabilized and revegetated.

Lafayette, Indiana

Goldendale, Washington

Successful revegetation in arid lands with low organic content in soil and severe drought.

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Increase in germination, less weed competition, and higher density of vegetation with minimal irrigation.

San Antonio, Texas

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Erodible river shoreline stabilized and revegetated. Substantial savings

(1/3 the price of sod and topsoil).

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bradford, Ontario

Lush vegetation on a green wall system was achieved and nearby sensitive wetlands were protected.

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Effective eradication of invasive knotweed and establishment of desired plant species.

Cordova, Alaska

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Successful revegetation of a steep embankment made from gravelly soil, extremely low in organic matter.

Puebla, Mexico



Baffin Windfarm, Texas

Quality vegetation and erosion minimization in hot, dry conditions, and low organic matter soil. 

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Successful vegetation on a site with steep slopes and little-to-no organic matter.

Milner Ridge, Manitoba

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Successful vegetation on a site with steep slopes in Canada

Canada Olympic Park, Alberta