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EXTREME soil building and vegetation establishment in a simple hydraulically applied system!

Through a scientifically balanced combination of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, Triacontonal growth stimulant, soil conditioners, and micronutrients you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth BlackTM. When used with the EarthBound 2000 or Scientific in areas where the soil lacks organics or has poor tilth, Biotic Earth BlackTM and the EarthBound® Soil Builders improves moisture holding capacity, water infiltration, soil structure, soil microbial activity, optimizes seed germination, improved plant photosynthesis and cell growth, effectively kick starting and long-term maintenance of the vegetation. All these benefits, and rainfall and runoff resistant.

Before & After

“The straw and peat-based hydro mulch has worked very well for us. Grass was growing within the first season of its use, and within the second season birdsfoot trefoil was blooming.”

~ Réjean Gagnon, Senior Adviser of Environmental Projects – Hydro Quebec

Mycorrhizal Fungi: