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ECB Verdyol would like to congratulate Chris Thomson from Martime Hydroseeding for winning FIRST PLACE in the 2015 Biotic Earth Presentation Contest. Chris held a total of 16 presentations to various engineering firms. We appreciate all the hard work he put into this contest!

Chris won this beautiful trophy as well as $700

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.30.49 AM

Stay tuned for more contests in the future!




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Ways to Control Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the major problems faced by the farmers.

The level of soil erosion can be determined by 2 factors. First, how much rain or wind the area experiences on a daily basis. Second, how good is the vegetation or plantation in that area. As it is not possible to combat against the power of rain or wind, you can use certain ways to prevent soil erosion.

Here are a few soil erosion control ways that can help you reduce the damage caused by soil erosion:

1. Plant vegetation: By plantation of trees, shrubs, and ground cover, you can control soil erosion to a great extent. The practice becomes more effective in the areas where there is a lot of damage due to soil erosion. The roots of trees and shrubs actually help in keeping the soil intact and controlling soil erosion at the same time.

2. Use of mulch: Mulch not only keeps the soil cool, rather it helps in controlling soil erosion by properly covering the top most layer of soil. Not only this, mulching also helps to reduce the impact of rain and wind and hence serves as one of the best methods of preventing soil erosion.

When you are troubled with soil erosion in your garden, using the above soil erosion control ways is a smart option.

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How to Test Your Soil

Do you know whether the soil in your garden is healthy or not? You can learn it by simple observation.


If your soil is compact, it will take in some water but it will be difficult to dig, and the plant roots will automatically spread in the side direction instead of the downward direction. If you are still unable to determine whether your soil is healthy or not, look for soil insects, earthworms, and vigorous roots. This would give you good clues to know your soil composition.

However, while observation can help you know much about your garden soil, there is yet lot more that is not visible. In order to assess the levels of soil acidity, and the need for any amendments, you can conduct an appropriate soil test at home with the help of a test kit. Once the result is achieved,  you can send a sample of the result to a reputable soil laboratory. This will be a much simpler, and inexpensive process that will help you to determine the exact status of your soil. .

If you are facing any problem related to soil, follow the above tips to test the quality of your soil or you can also look for professional help to improve the quality of the soil.

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How to Install Verdyol Virgin BFM

Among the new products we offer at Verdyol Biotic Earth is Virgin BFM. This is a stable product that offers hydro-seeding through a thermally refined product that creates sturdy vegetation establishment and maximum performance. Using this product offers a high rate of cover and hydraulic mulches that are almost completely carefree. When using the product, it helps to know how to correctly apply it so that the best results are possible.

Preparing the ground is highly important when using these erosion control products. By making sure that the soil is stable and de-compacted, it is possible to ensure the seed will fully penetrate and take root. The soil will need to be tested to assure it has the right organic quantity. If not, certain adjustments will need to be made using a hydraulic growth medium.

Once the ground is prepared, it is time to start with the actual installation process. You will need to make sure that you have a 50-degree tipped fan type nozzle to spray the mix slurry at a continual rate at the proper pressure. This will make sure that the soil is covered appropriately.

The hydraulic mulch will need to be mixed with about 125 gallons of water to every 22.5kg bag. Make sure to follow the instructions for mixing carefully so that the product is ready for distribution in an even manner. By making are that there are no obstructions through purging, the mulch will broadcast evenly.

When applying the Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches, it is essential to make sure a double-sided application is being administered. The best way to do this is from the top of the slope and the bottom of the slope. If access to the top of the slope is not possible, a backwards and forwards application can assure that all angulations are achieved.


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Looking Back at Milner Ridge, Five Years Later

The erosion control products we offer at Verdyol Biotic Earth have been put to the test in some seriously strenuous environments. When we first encountered Milner Ridge, the entire area was nothing more than extremely loose sands prone to erosion at a very fast rate. To prevent erosion, we stepped in to provide the hydraulic mulch the area needed to reclaim the ground and offer protection against the possibility of serious loss.

We laid down S31 and S32 straw erosion control blankets along with hydraulic mulch and seed. Once water and fertilizer were added in, some very good results emerged. Grass and legumes were able to reclaim land in as little as one year. The grass did not last past the first year, but the legumes provided their nitrogen-fixing properties to the soil and made a big difference in the overall outlook of the land.

To date, there has been no erosion at Milner Ridge and the Verdyol Biotech hydraulic mulches are very much responsible for this. Grass has returned to the area, which has attracted deer to the area for grazing. Thanks to the deer, natural fertilizers are being added to the nutrient levels of the area and soil building is occurring naturally.

The Milner Ridge project is a very good example of how our erosion control products can protect even difficult to maintain areas from being prone to erosion. The various Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches we offer help to promote natural growth that will maintain erosion protection over the life of the area. By promoting natural growth of vegetation, it is no longer necessary to replace topsoil or conduct other unnatural means for maintaining the environment. Nature has taken over with sustainable vegetation for natural erosion control.

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6 Benefits of Verdyol Virgin Wood Fiber Mulch

There are several erosion control products we make available to you at Verdyol Biotic Earth. Selecting the right one will help in making sure you are getting all the benefits you need for your soil. Our Verdyol Virgin wood fiber hydraulic mulch is a great way to get the maximum benefit. Try out this and our other Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches to enjoy more benefits. Here are six benefits you can receive from using our wood fiber mulch.

  1. As mentioned by Roto Chopper, wood fiber mulch can come from anywhere. Since our wood fiber mulch is from all virgin soures, you will receive the best performance and more established vegetation.
  2. Our wood fiber mulch is easy to mix and shoots great to provide the coverage you need at the rate you prefer.
  3. The chemical and thermal refining process our wood fiber mulch goes through provides successful projects through enhanced germination and superior erosion protection.
  4. The use of our virgin wood fiber mulch prevents the growth of weeds to allow desirable plants to grow. Without the need to compete for light and water, the preferred plants can grow successfully.

Water retention in soil is better due to soil protection offered from the wood fiber mulch. Compacting and crusting are not issues with the use of wood fiber mulch. In addition, evaporation is not as much of a concern.
The use of our virgin wood fiber mulch recreates the environment found on a forest floor. Weeds are prevented from growing and the underlying soil is protected from damage from landscaping tools or other kinds of machinery.

Using our virgin wood fiber mulch allows plants to grow uninhibited while maintaining a better root structure. This kind of root growth is just what is needed for long-term erosion protection.

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Mulching and its Many Benefits

Wind, water and deforestation are the major culprits behind soil erosion. Erosion control mulch is added to the soil in order to enhance its condition and make it more fertile. Here are some of the benefits of lawn mulching –

  • Mulching helps in preventing soil erosion by ensuring that the soil does not wash away.
  • Mulching offers protection to the roots of the plants during winters. Since plant roots can get uprooted during winters owing to frost, mulching prevents this from happening.
  • Mulching maintains the moisture in the soil and prevents plants from drying up.
  • There are various nutrients, minerals, sugars and starch present in soil erosion mulch, which adds to the fertility and productivity of the soil.
  • Another benefit of mulching is that it does not allow weed to grow in the lawn. As weeds can be disastrous for plants and soil, mulching helps in controlling their growth.

There are various types of mulches available in the market. Good quality mulch should be used after assessing the plants’ needs, as well as, the climatic condition. It is therefore advisable to contact a reputable mulch supplier who can provide you the best mulch as per the requirements of the soil.

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Mulch Options for Erosion Control

There are several erosion control products on the market to help prevent the loss of soil on a slope. The grade of the slope and other environmental factors may play a part in what kind of erosion control is necessary. In most cases, the use of loose mulch, erosion control blankets, hyrdomulches and a combination thereof are the preferred methods for preventing erosion.

When using loose mulch, there are a few separate options: straw, wood chips and compost. Straw is by far the least expensive of the three, but needs to be mixed with an emulsification for better tack. Additionally, crimping or punching the straw is necessary to enjoy better erosion control. Wood chips are damaging to the vegetation in soil and compost tends to be very expensive.

Another popular erosion control is to use erosion control blankets. These vary in composition as well as price. They require preparation to the soil and a lot of labor in order to install them correctly. Not only do you have to use enough blankets to cover the entire slope, but about three feet at the top of the slope as well. Every layer must overlap the first and an abundance of lawn staples needs to be used to maintain steady and secure contact with the underlying soil.

At Verdyol, we prefer to use hydraulic mulch. The Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches we make available do not require any preparation of the ground and can be used for just about any slope to promote proper vegetation growth. We utilize special equipment to mix the hydraulic mulch and to apply it to the slope. We apply from the top of the slope and then again from the bottom to assure that complete coverage is achieved. Because we do not have to actually stand on the slope to apply the hydraulic mulch, we can cover large slopes with ease.

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Why You should Mulch Your Lawn?

Global warming is becoming a serious threat for our existence. So how can you contribute towards making this planet green and livable? As soil erosion, owing to deforestation, water or air is causing productivity to go down; it becomes necessary to make the soil fit and fertile for plantation.

There are various erosion control and hydro seeding products that are available in the market that you can use to make your soil fertile. Apart from these, mulching is one of the most effective methods of maintaining the quality of your soil. By adding mulch to your soil you not only add its fertility, but you also ensure that the soil does not get eroded as well.

Mulching in addition helps in moderating the temperature of the top soil. This means that during winters, a layer of mulch can prevent the soil from freezing, while it can also prevent the soil from extreme temperatures in the summers that may lead to slow down plant growth. So, find the best wood fiber mulch for your garden and make it fertile and lush again.

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