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About the company:

Verdyol is a wholly owned subsidiary of ErosionControlBlanket.com which is headquartered in Riverton, Manitoba, Canada.

Verdyol started in the early 1980’s by through a licensing agreement with Verdyol Switzerland that had a patent on a hydraulic mulch material made from wheat straw, cotton and other proprietary material. This mulch has been used for over 27 years in Ontario with great success.

In 2005, ECB acquired Verdyol and has been building on their initial success of their patented mulch. In 2003, Hydro Quebec, a large electricity company, specified a hydraulic mulch with peat moss, which was the spark that started the Verdyol Biotic line of mulches. Hydro Quebec now uses thousands of bags a year to reclaim their northern construction projects.

Today Verdyol and ECB are a full line manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products, hydraulic mulches, and revegetation products.

We have distribution across Canada, US, and Central America and are currently looking for distribution partners in other North American and International locals so please contact us to learn more.

“Our expectations with the finished product have been far exceeded. Vegetation growth was rapid and consistent across the entire area.”

~ Harry Schreder, Project Manager, P.Eng. LEED AP