INFOGRPAPHIC: Soil Enhancement

Biotic Earth presented an Infographic titled ‘Soil Building’ which has been created with the big idea of showing the differences between how nature creates soil and how soil can be built and improved artificially. This would subtly highlight the benefits of using erosion control products of Biotic Earth.

Below points have highlighted in the Infographic:

  • · The major processes of soil building naturally and artificially
  • · The major products to be used
  • · Time durations for each step in the natural soil building process and how the combined artificial soil building process takes lesser time.
  • So, Please have a look and share your thoughts.

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    "The straw and peat-based hydro mulch has worked very well for us. Grass was growing within the first season of its use, and within the second season birdsfoot trefoil was blooming."

    ~ Réjean Gagnon, Senior Adviser of Environmental Projects - Hydro Quebec

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